Cities skylines mac menu bug

Created by. Gameplay Basics , Modding Or Configuration. Guide Index. Common Fixes. Startup crash: Green pixellated main menu. Black screen with white blocks. Completely black window. Garbled deskop image. Random crashes or reboots. Graphics issue: Stuck on chirper screen when starting or loading a game.

Cities: Skylines – Error Fixes “Just In Case You Need Them”

In-game graphics: Black triangles or pixels on map. Dashed lines or squares on roads. Strange Shadow Patterns. Blurry or small text.

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Very slow, low fps, etc. Problem not solved?

Almost all problems on a Mac can be fixed by one or more of these solutions Disable Steam Overlay recommended for all Mac users. If the main menu looks like this If you see white blocks on a black screen when launching the game If you see the app titlebar, try clicking the green maximise window button. If problems persist, use a natively supported screen resolution as described at top of this guide. Some users report that adding the -windowed Launch Parameter solves the issue for them. If launching C: S results in a black window, it's likely you've used a non-native screen resolution that is confusing your graphics card.

How To Fix Cities: Skylines Errors:

Solition 1 - Do you see the app title bar? If you see something like this Intel integrated graphics cards are not supported by the game as stated in the game's system requirements. Fix it as follows: From the Apple menu, open System Preferences then click Displays icon Select "Scaled" option and you'll see the native resolution highlighted in the list you can put it back to "Default for display" after making a note of the scaled resolution Use the -screen-width and -screen-height Launch Parameters to force that exact screen resolution For best performance, avoid using full screen.

Once you've got it working right, you can remove the Launch Parameters. You might need to reboot your Mac after making changes to clear away any issues caused by previous crashes. Crashes or reboots when launching app.

Cities Skylines macOS High Sierra glitch

When starting a new game, or loading a saved game, the chirper screen gets stuck If the delay is never-ending, try the following Close all non-essenetial apps before starting the game, in particular things like screen recorders eg. ScreenFlow , web browsers, Skype, etc. Anything that uses lots of RAM will likely cause problems when the game is loading.

Wait until you're in-game and only then load the other apps if necessary. If you get stuck on the black loading screen image background never gets loaded make sure you've disabled Steam Overlay.

If that doesn't solve it, your save game might be corrupted. Do you have a subscription addiction? Thanks to AndrewT [forum.

menu bug :: Cities: Skylines General Discussions

Thanks to donshontz for this tip. Make sure the game is running in a native screen resolution as described at top of this guide.

You can make text bigger or different font with these mods: Make sure you're not running screen recording apps. Quit all non-essenital apps while playing especially things like web browsers, Skype, etc. Disable clouds using this mod and Shadows via game's Options screen to maximise fps. Running in windowed mode set via game's Options screen will often improve performance. See also: Performance Tuning Guide Older Macs struggle If the problem you're having isn't solved, please post a comment below with details or see the Main Troubheshooting FAQ.

Launched Cities Skylines on a different computer than usual today and all of my steam workshop items mods, maps, buildings, etc. Has anyone encountered this problem please write a review. Write the solution — Response: I got the same problem and i think you should just know you are not alone!

Serious graphical glitches w/ mass transit on Mac!

Skyline cities. Went to play and the game immediately crashes, along with a windows message saying, Cities. Anyone having similar issues or solutions? Please Log In to post. Skylines First Released Mar 10, released.

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You're Good to Go! Game Info Cities: SkylinesDev Follow Forum Posts: Faulting application name: Waiting for some solutions. GameSpot Forums Cities: