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Your data will be dispatched on our secure, next day courier service. Once you have received your data any copies of your data will be permanently and securely erased from our servers after 7 days.

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With extensive data recovery research and development capabilities, our success rates are second to none - without compromising on our prices! This is why over 36, companies and individuals come to us every year. Great care is taken when recovering and handling your data to ensure that its integrity is maintained and that there is a clear audit trail through the entire data recovery process. Class clean rooms, specialised platter removal jigs and software applications allow us to provide the most comprehensive service in the industry.

When the drive died the user was in a panic! I send the drive to these guys, who were able to recover all the users information, promptly and at a good price too! I would recommend them to all - 5 Stars! One the 'expert' just said "your hard drive is dead", but everything was recovered by DRS Also, provided an extremely fast turn around for reasonable price, where other companies were asking for a significantly higher fee just to look at the computer. Literally, you guys saved my company. I can not thank you enough!!!

Service was great and fast. The service wasn't cheap, but they kept in touch with me the entire time, and were professional and friendly throughout. And they recovered my data too! After an internet search and phoning around several companies, Data Recovery Specialists seemed to be the best solution.

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Even though it was a Saturday, they dealt with my enquiry and assured me they could help. I sent my hard drive to them and within a day of receipt they had already determined what was recoverable. They quote was reasonable and I am so thankful to Data Recovery Specialists. I would definitely recommend them for hard drive recovery! Data Recovery Specialists were recommended and they immediately responded to our enquiry.

We were expecting considerable downtime, so to be up and running again so quickly was definitely a bonus. I would definately use them again, but I am hoping we don't have any more data recovery issues! We were pleasantly surprised how quick the process was and you kept us informed throughout.

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Any problem like this always raises trepidation, but we found the whole experience quite reassuring. I would not hesitate to recommend Data Recovery Specialists in future. Your RAID service was fast, effective and professional and the consultants we dealt with were very knowledgeable and helpful.

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Brilliant data recovery service - thank you! I do not know what I would have done without the files you recovered from our external hard drive. We would have probably had to re-record all the location shots, which would have been time consuming and very expensive. We were expecting to lose some of the data, so we were extremely happy when you recovered the full survey.

Your hard drive data recovery service really was second-to-none! The data you recovered has proved invaluable. It contained all my work and stupidly, I had not backed up the hard drive!

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I had heard the hard drive recovery was expensive but had no option. From my first discussion with Data Recovery Specialists, they really eased my mind and I felt confident they could do the job. And to my surprise, the quote was not nearly as much as I had budgeted. Your transfer drive will be formatted all your data will be permanently deleted before we start moving the recovered data.

If you do not include a transfer drive with your bad drive, you must buy one from us. Even if just a small amount of data is being used, we still clone the entire drive, as this is the safest approach in most cases. This is because any encrypted hard drive is much more difficult and time-consuming to diagnose and recover data from. Some examples of encryption include:. Send us a picture of your hard drive if you need help identifying your PCB.

RAIDs are charged per hard drive. Below are some example prices:.

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When the cover goes on the hard drive at the factory, by a machine , the screws are all tightened to an exact amount. Left: Cover on; Right: Cover off, exposing platters to dirt, dust, and other particles. Hard drive cover is off, exposing the heads and platters inside the drive. All these hard drives have their covers on and the platters and heads have not been exposed. This fee is not refundable. We will get you back every file that can possibly be recovered. We charge this fee up-front because we will end up recovering all possible files from the drive.

But, we cannot possibly know which files will be recovered until after the entire recovery is finished. This is a risk you must accept if you wish to proceed with our recovery. We always try to offer our customers the option of an affordable partial recovery, by disabling the bad head s and recovering data using the remaining good heads. But sometimes, the only way to recover any data is by replacing parts inside the drive.