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Are you guys working on a universal remote at least? Why won't the app work without the service? Why does it still work on my wife's phone? Is it because she didn't update it? We have the exact same phones.

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I even uninstalled and reinstalled and that didn't help. It's like my phone is remembering the update. She just installed it because it quit working on my phone.

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So now if she isn't home I can't use my home theater?!?! Please respond a. I have the HTC m8.

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  • Should not be getting discontinued this app is awesome! Its what I use for everything!!! You discontinued my most used app that worked every single time I needed it.

    Tutorial:How to download Music/Songs to HTC Sensation from an iMac(Best and Easiest Way)

    This app was an easy 5 but now it is gone. So I re downloaded. And now it works if you have the proper compatible remote to program the app. Use to be all internal, went from 5 to 1 like that. Bring back auto programming.

    Download HTC Sync Manager

    Used to use this app every day. Last two updates are an insult to HTC consumers. Edited Review I'm changing my review due to what appears to be a change of heart by the HTC devs. Current release has effectively restored the IR functionality allowing me to once again use the remote control features. I am rating the app a 4.

    Otherwise it will be blocked and will continue to prompt for a HTC phone to be added. Once the phone has been recognized, data can be synced by clicking on the Sync Now button. Users can also choose to only synchronize certain sections when connecting the phone by selecting the specific tab and choosing Sync to be On or Off.

    Overall this application tries to keep things simple and makes the management process for the mobile phone as easy as possible. It has a clean interface, easy to reach commands and the modern look HTC users have been used to. The HTC Sync Manager is designed for simplicity and ease of use as all the relevant sections for management are available on the main window to be browsed.

    Depending on the phone type, synced media types include Music, Gallery, Calendar this requires Outlook to be installed on the PC for synchronization , Bookmarks, Documents, Locations and People.

    How to retrieve deleted files from HTC Sensation Phone?

    For first time users there is a Help section where all the basic operations are described. Overview presents information about the HTC mobile phone which includes phone type, IMEI, Firmware version, occupied and available space for all the data types, Device setup for syncing settings and Application installer. The Sync Manager software will automatically launch. Andy Walton has been a technology writer since , specializing in networking and mobile communications.

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