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Kik is also famous for being the first instant messaging app with a built-in browser. That means you can search for just about anything on the internet through your Kik and all of this is now available to use on Kik for Mac. You may be wondering, why should I download Kik for Mac right now? Also, Kik for Mac is a perfect way to get in touch with someone if your phone is dead or has no service in your position.

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It allows you to continue chatting and sending messages to your Kik contacts for free. If you want to download Kik for Mac, you first have to go through one simple, yet vital step — download a good Android Emulator.

Bluestacks for Mac

Here are the steps you should follow if you want to use Kik for Mac:. The major difference in BlueStacks and Genymotion is that with BlueStacks, you can simply install apps within the emulator.

Both are really easy to use and in both cases, you will end up with a wonderful way to use Kik for Mac. You can use this simple and easy trick to download Kik for Mac on all Apple products running recent operating systems. Remember, Kik Messenger app is free to use although the Android emulator may cost you a one time fee. The good thing is that once you get one Android emulator, you can use it to run all of your favorite mobile apps and games on your computer.

Download and Install KIK Messenger on your Windows PC

Just get BlueStacks one time and you can use it multiple times, for free. This dependence on connectivity is, on the other hand, the weak point of the application, since it must always be linked to a telephony signal or wireless connection. However, with the number of smartphones today, this mishap is often overlooked. The application finds its ways to take advantage, providing more than relevant reasons for people to decide to give it a try. The format of visual chat, with an important presence of photos, videos, GIFs, and emoticons enter the side of your strengths.

Also, since it was launched, KIK has gained immediate popularity. For , according to official data, it had overcome the million gap. The application, from its origins, was well influenced by the format and functionality of instant text messaging available for smartphones. With the exception, of course, that the sessions started from user names. In any case, from the launch date until the current days, many qualities of the application have improved, modified or removed.

In total, these are the ones that your consumers can take for granted. When sending KIK messages, the notification of sending and receiving occurs. The applications have the habit of assigning an invitation tab in which their habitual users invite friends or acquaintances to try the tool. KIK, of course, is not the exception. To send these invitations, the program uses the normal messaging -SMS- and social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

Download Kik For Desktop - Get Kik For PC Windows

It also includes an invitation by email. In the same way, KIK recognizes the contact numbers filed in the agenda and immediately links those who have installed the application — a function similar to that used by WhatsApp — or, if the person so wishes, issues an invitation. One of the particularities of this application is anonymity. Seen from different optics, it can be an advantage or disadvantage, but as far as chatbots are concerned, they benefit more than they hurt.

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In that sense, people will have the opportunity to access bubbles of conversation about their favorite topics: fashion, technology, music, a hundred, etc. To this feature also correspond news bulletins and reception of advice of this or another topic. For this, just subscribe to a community in the KIK application. This is one of the safest ways to contact friends in KIK since it guarantees that the other person is really the one you are looking for.

To add through a barcode, the user, through the configuration, activates the code that has been assigned to him. Easy, safe and immediate, everything a messaging application should be. Little by little, the community of online messengers discovered that they could say a lot through graphics. This is how the images, GIFs, and emoticons that now form an integral part of the keyboards emerged. All these multimedia options are not unrelated to KIK.

How to Download Kik for Macbook Pro

In fact, in the latest version of KIK for all platforms, the famous stickers that are so popular and communicative — in a hilarious way — have been added for the application. Entering the minor features of KIK, it includes the assignment of user name, profile and, of course, the possibility of customizing them according to the data of each user.

Although the application does not show too strict regarding the parameters to add username and photos, the recommendations of the web encourage people to configure genuine profiles, without usurping identity or including false data about themselves. Like all applications of its kind, KIK lists conversations in order of arrival or importance.

To access them, the user has only to press the contact and start a chat. Also, the application allows people to change colors of chat bubbles according to the person they speak.

KIK for Macbook – Mac iOS for KIK Messenger

In this way, which contacts are more important than others are identified -although the influx of conversation also determines the latter. By gathering several contacts from your list, a person can create a group of friends in which to share text or multimedia messages, links, contacts or location. This tool is similar to the one handled by other instant messaging platforms. On the other hand, when the search icon is pressed, people can access the promoted chats that normally correspond to groups with common interests.

In this mode of conversation, members are anonymous and can request to be included.

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  • After acceptance, a notification will give notice that you are already authorized to talk and discern about those topics that are passionate. This feature, although beneficial on the one hand, is a topic of discussion in cybersecurity forums, especially if we take into account that the majority of KIK users are young and vulnerable to web scams. Although these aspects must be treated between parents and children, the application does not leave their users totally vulnerable, since in the configuration they can block and prevent the entry of messages from unknown senders.

    In its version for computers, KIK stands out for the downloads of Windows users. This increases the rate of people who use the application and, of course, extends the ages of the audience. However, this version includes others that improve the service and make it a more respectable communication network in the eyes of its users. Get Kik For Windows 7, 8, 10 straight into your computer. Just as there are hundreds of applications available for Apple and Android, KIK provides equal services to Windows users, who can download this app from their computers and mobile versions and With supervision and regulation, anonymity is one of the most useful characteristics of KIK.

    From the practical point of view, this application is associated with others that are engaged in pairing -like Tinder, for example-. The truth is that anonymous accounts, although risky if used for malicious purposes, are a real advantage to protect data that simply do not want to provide. Taking this into account, KIK consumers insist on not distorting the essence of the application by pointing to this characteristic as something negative. Being fair with the application, it is valid to say that on Facebook and even WhatsApp occasionally anonymity is present. Maybe not in the extremes that KIK uses, but neither to the point of being harmful to a person who uses this messaging service with responsibility and restraint.

    Concerned parents, in that sense, must resort to a legendary technique as archaic as the technology itself: monitor what their children do on the computer. Given the controversy posed by the security of KIK, it is enough to refer to the premise that all applications — for mobile phones and computers — can be insecure if used indiscriminately. Either way, this application has been claimed in its computer version reinforcing some aspects of security.

    For example, the reception of messages, views of the profile picture and other topics, although minor, makes the difference. One can also share their location and build a community group within the social media app. The line started off as a small messaging platform with its origins rooted in Asia but it took quickly over the messaging world. It is considered to be the perfect alternative to Kik due to its immense popularity and user base along with the simplified messaging technique and free model. A user can post updates and chat with friends for free.

    However, a small fee is required in order to make voice or video calls. One can also play games with friends using LINE accounts. This social media connecting app does not require any introduction for many. It offers a wide range of features which are absent in other messaging apps. Apart from connecting with friends, Viber allows you to top-up your account anytime using the Viber credits for calls. It also brings a large number of stickers and emoticons which makes messaging more fun and enticing.

    The crystal clear picture and video rendering quality make it a perfect choice for people who love to connect with their friends over calls than just chats. The easy user interface also makes Viber a top choice for people around the world. WeChat is a little bit more than just a messaging platform.

    It helps the users to discover new friends on the internet. You only need to shake your phone and soon you will be connected to a complete stranger. You can exchange stickers and emoticons that make the messaging app more fun and interactive.