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But click the icon and you gain access to an extended forecast, and hourly predictions for temperature and rainfall. Apple would have people use full-screen mode in order to focus, but that can be a jarring interface, not least when you need to switch between quite a few apps.

HazeOver provides an alternative — a kind of dimmer switch that reduces distractions by fading out background windows. When they hit a specific battery capacity or are fully charged up when plugged in , the app will let you know.

Whether you want to track CPU or memory usage, disk capacities, network and fan speeds, or how your batteries are doing, iStat Menus provides tiny graphs in the menu bar. Click them and they expand into a wealth of info to satisfy even the geekiest user.

If you like, the app will also list your appointments over the coming days.

How to Hide & Show the Menu Bar in Mac OS X

Apple inexplicably stopped enabling you to switch display resolutions from the menu bar a while ago, presumably because it reckons every display should use its most optimal settings. If you need to regularly switch resolutions, Resolutionator does the business.

how to show top menu bar on mac

Perhaps you spend time playing games, or get sucked into social networks. If you want to explore even more Mac menu bar app options, check out the full list on the Ask Product Hunt page here:. Sign in Get started. Jun 7, Magnet for Mac: Keep your workspace organized.

The 34 Best Mac Menu Bar Apps

Lightning fast media sharing and screengrabs. Better Snap Tool: By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. I'm new to mac and I really like the way you can assign a window to be it's own desktop via fullscreening.

However, I have an issue with the default way the menubar works in fullscreen. I often move my cursor to the top of the screen to click on my tabs in my browsers and editors and accidentally trigger the menubar obscuring my tabs.

How to Hide & Show the Menu Bar in Mac OS X

Other times I'd like the menubar to be available at a glance rather than having to trigger it by mousing up. Is there some setting or application that will force the menubar to show at all times for fullscreened windows? It appears I'm not the first to have this issue, but the solutions in this post didn't work for me and based on the comment for the top answer it won't work for anyone.

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If there is no way to do this can anyone give me a hint where I can get started writing an application to do this? Please don't suggest that I simply hold alt when clicking the fullscreen green button or anything else like just resize the window to fill the screen".


This doesn't solve my issue because it strips away many of the advantages of fullscreening. If you make your dock hide by default, this essentially gives you a "fullscreen" program with the menu bar always shown. Now you can drag your desired app into that space, and if it's not already That's the whole idea, like it or not.

Hide The Menu Bar On Your Secondary Monitor With Mavericks [OS X Tips]

By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Is there a way to make the menubar show at all times in fullscreen windows? Ask Question.