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With it, you can select any files that you would like to add to a ZIP archive, open the context menu and click on Compress X Items. A finer degree of control over the compression process is provided by WinZip , a proprietary file archiver and compressor with support for many different archive file formats. WinZip supports banking-level security with FIPS certified or bit AES encryption, and the software can even add traceability and protect your intellectual property by adding custom watermarks to images and PDFs. If you want to restore your deleted ZIP files, you should download a robust data recovery suite such as Disk Drill.

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With it, you can recover virtually every file archive format in existence, including ZIP, as well as hundreds of other file formats. Arthur Cole is a freelance content creator. Arthur Cole is a freelance content creator with a deep expertise in progra Free Download. Related Articles February 14, OSX should natively be unable to unzip the archive. If the archive is malformed, it won't unzip correctly. Earlier today I finally ended up managing to get at the app in the package by using Stuffit Expander to open the.

Using Stuffit on the sitx-file only created. Jan 19, 7 0. Same But no solution Having the same problem, stuffit expander opens the. When I try and open the. Weird stuff!

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John Doe 57 macrumors Jan 26, 1, 2 Los Angeles, CA. Having the same problem, stuffit expander opens the. Jun 6, 12, 73 Solon, OH. I've had this odd problem before, actually. It's easy to fix - starting with the original archive not the CPGZ Archive Utility creates when it tries to extract it , use The Unarchiver to open it. It's a lot more capable, and is usually able to figure out how to unpack it.

Apr 6, 2 0 Seattle, WA. Thanks for this post! I was having the running in circle problem with a cpgz file too. I read the thread and downloaded the UnArchiver and it opened the gunzipped archive beautifully. What a time saver. I will make a donation to folks who make the UnArchiver for sure! Dec 19, 1. Mac OSX just makes a file with.

Aug 9, 22 0. I think I found a solution once before, but that was when I knew the result should be a pdf, so changed the extension. Did find one web page that says. We Mac users seem to be similarly challenged! Any other suggestions? Nov 17, 1 0. Even using Stuffit Expander by double clicking the file it still kept going in circles.

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However, MOST of these files extracted just fine by right-clicking on the original. Jan 7, 57 0. Just wanted to say thanks to everyone in this thread. I was having the same problem. Read this thread and then downloaded the unarchiver from the mac app store for free!!!! Thanks so much!! Carlene macrumors newbie.

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May 30, 1 0. Wow, thanks! I thought I was losing it Dec 11, 1 0. Any more thoughts on this?

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LaVerdana macrumors newbie. Oct 15, 2 0. So I tried opening with StuffIt Expander The main gotcha there was that it quickly expanded the zip into a folder nowhere to be seen! Then I had to firstly open StuffIt and check the preferences to find where it was set to save files!

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I could then go and move the expanded folder back to where I wanted it and also changed the preferences to put expanded files in a folder where the original zip file was. Wicky macrumors newbie. Feb 14, 2 0. None of the solutions explained here or elsewhere have worked. Eureka moment The problem is infrequent, but I have had it a few times and always with zip files.

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Thinking back, the common ground is files that have been stored or distributed via AmazonS3 and downloaded via Firefox. There's some compatibility issue.

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  7. Maybe it's a plugin Problem solved Feb 28, 1 0. I just downloaded the file again same browser and this time I could unzip it right. Just check the size of the file, if it is very small mine was 28bytes , it was probably not downloaded right. When I downloaded it the second time, the file was 1Mb.