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MAC is a great brand to work for. If you're looking to gain possibly the best experience within the makeup industry, then MAC is probably the best option. Their training will keep you uptodate with the latest trends in both fashion as well as cosmetics. They encourage you to express yourself through the way you present yourself, as well as through your artistry. Working for such a prestigious brand is a huge learning curve for anyone, as you get to learn about what happens behind the scenes of the sales aspect, while indulging in the fun and creative makeup side of the business. You learn about what it takes from each team member to help in the growth and advancement of the business, and you work alongside an awesome team to achieve said growth.

The hardest part of the job, i would say, is trying to find a balance between work and life. When working retail hours, there's no routine due to the change in shifts. It take a bit of adjusting, but you'll find the balance eventually. The most enjoyable part of the job is definitely when you have a bit of free time in the store, when you and your team mates have a bit of "playtime".

Playtime can include anything from a spur of the moment dance party, or a quick 'technique class' where one or more of the team members show you how to create a specific look, or a new trick of the trade. The workplace culture is also amazing, your team becomes your work family, the support systems are great, they are always eager to help.

Best Company to 'work' for! Working for MAC Cosmetics was a life time dream and honestly the highlight of my career as a makeup artist.

Mac cosmetics store berkeley

It afforded me many incredible opportunities to work along side some of the most amazing people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. The BEST company to work for. Work wasn't 'work' and I miss it a great deal. Make-up and sales professional. Make-up artistry and cosmetic sales. Make-up artistry,sales and customer relations. Amazing team and work place culture. Hardest part of the job was making target. Most enjoyable part of the job was working with such a great team and doing what I love everyday. A lot of international and local clientele. Workplace is open enough to allow an individual to be themselves.

Hardest part is the work in comparison to the outcome.

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Very professional and lots of opportunities. Love the brand,products and the people that works there,support and structure is amazing ,I have been with the brand for 8years my craft has grown, I have learned so much on how to run a business and lead people. Fast paced, creative and working one on one with customers. As a make up artist MAC has allowed me to grow and be the best at my skill. Over the past two years I have been able to not only do make up but get insight into the world of retail, by observing buying patterns and seen the trickle down of trends to your everyday consumer.

I learnt various things which I included in my resume management was so professional and everything was in line with the job description. I didn't have any hardest times at work. I enjoyed every moment at work place. Our store is busy you need to be able to multi task and be able to handle assisting more than one customer at the same time.

We work with sometimes difficult customers in that regard you need to be a strong person in character. I have learned how to handle difficult situation example' customer complaints. Our manager is a hands on kind of person she leads by example. I work with 13 people in a team so there is a lot of personalities and as leader you need to understand all of them. The hardest part is difficult customers. I love seeing people light up after i have done their makeup and mostly always come back.

Non discriminating and fun workplace. Working for MAC Cosmetics is a dream come true for me. Since I started working for Estee Lauder companies i familiarized myself with all the brands affiliated with the company. The 'MAC culture' intrigued me and lit a flame that I was unable to ignore. The best part of my day as a MAC makeup artist is serving every customer to the best of my abilities and to show and teach them how to achieve the looks that they want.

I am currently seeking for a new challenge in my life that will grow me as an Individual and in my career as well. I love working with people and I love new challenges. Was this review helpful? Not what it used to be Unfortunately no one is valued as an experienced artist anymore, all they are interested in is selling.

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Absolutely disappointing. Three words bullies, b. Y and unprofessional.

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Just horrendous favouritism. They will hold something against you after 1 mistake and constantly bully you to get what they want. Good experience for beauty industry. Also lack of support when you get difficult customers. Good Fun, High Expectations. If you can handle pressure, targets and a busy work environment then go for it. No weekends off unless annual leave put in for it.

Poor wages, no commission and no incentive to hit target. Every day is different, doing the make overs is great but company has changed. Mac cosmetics is a great company to work for. The management are supportive and accommodating. The hardest part of the job is the unsociable hours opening 4am and closing late The most enjoyable part of the job is working to and achieving targets after giving great customer service.

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Feels very rewarding. You also get the opportunity to achieve make up certifications and work on fashion week. Good pay. The pay is very good but management is very patronising, the shifts vary weekly and can be time consuming so not time for yourself.

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On your feet all day. Loved working here at start but company has changed. When I first started at MAC I felt proud to work for such an amazing brand and loved coming in every day! I felt passionate about what I was doing and met some great people along the way, colleagues and customers.

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I was with the brand for just under 3 years and after year 2 I started to not feel the same way. The atmosphere had changed, the customers were more demanding, going from a fast paced environment was no longer. I felt even the new products that were bought out weren't as exciting anymore.