Mac mail not sending but receiving

Otherwise, leave the radio button set to Use default ports or Automatically detect and maintain account settings , depending on the version of Mail you're using. Use the Authentication dropdown menu to select the authentication type your mail service uses. One possible reason for the problem is a permission issue preventing Apple Mail from writing data to its preference file.

How to fix: Unable to send an e-mail through Mac® OS X™

This type of permission problem prevents you from saving updates to your Mail settings. How does this happen? Typically, your mail service tells you to make changes to the settings for your account.

The next time you launch Mail, the settings are back to the way they were before you made the changes. With the Mail app now having incorrect outgoing mail settings, its 'Send' button is dimmed.

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This situation may cause Mail to stop working or prevent certain features — such as sending mail — from working correctly. Before proceeding, make sure you have a current backup of your Mac since the following methods to repair Apple Mail can cause email information, including account details, to be lost. Finding the mail preference file can be a challenge because ever since OS X Lion, the user's Library folder is hidden. The preference file is named com. Once you're finished with these steps, try Mail again.

You may need to re-enter any recent changes to the Mail settings, per your mail service. But this time you should be able to quit Mail and retain the settings.

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Share Pin Email. Tom Nelson has written hundreds of articles, tutorials, and reviews for Other World Computing and About. Contact your email provider or network administrator to see whether the mail server is available. I'm not receiving email or other items in my Exchange account. IMAP account basic settings.

Solution If Email in Mac Mail Stuck in Outbox

POP account basic settings. I can't send or receive messages with my email account Outlook for Mac Outlook for Mac More Get support. Expand your Office skills. Was this information helpful? Yes No. Any other feedback? How can we improve it? Recommended Answer Recommended Answers 2. Platinum Product Expert bkc Recommended Answer.

Gmail receiving via IMAP, but not sending via SMTP on both Mac Mail and iOS - Gmail帮助

If you're referring to my list above, it's not a checklist. It's a list of questions that need answers and things to check. Looking below the inbox, how much space, out of how much total, does it say is being used? If you go to the storage management page, how much space does it say is being used, and where does it say the storage is being used?

Why aren't messages copied to Sent folder with IMAP?

Original Poster. Valerie Carrillo. Please go through the following list of items to try and figure out what is happening to the messages. With luck one of these will either identify the problem so it can be fixed, or provide more clues to figure out the cause. It's impossible to provide any suggestions without knowing what you found below. Do you use a Gmail gmail. If G-Suite, what's the domain name? Is the domain active not expired and are the MX records correct?

If not the web-interface, switch to it now before moving on to the rest of the list. Have you check the other tabs if you use the tabbed Inbox.

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Any blocked addresses on that same page? These could be redirecting messages from the Inbox. These could be archiving or deleting new messages. Are you fetching e-mail from another account that may have stopped? Try a Check Mail Now. If you log into the other account, are there in fact messages present which have not been fetched? Is the account full? Have you tried sending yourself a test-message from a non-Gmail account? Have you tried sending a test-message to that non-Gmail account and replying? Does either direction work? Platinum Product Expert.

Mac Mail OSX- Receive but not send

All Replies WHY are the messages failing? Costel Goga. I am having the same issue. Mike Costa. Same thing here.