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Installing Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) as a guest operating system in VMware Fusion 5

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VMware Fusion: Top 3 mistakes your users are making

We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. If you have a Mac and want to install Captivate in a Windows Virtual Machine, you need an entirely new Windows license. And, last but not least, this solution is not available if you need to capture a Linux Virtual Machine! Of course, the Captivate trial can help, but it last 30 days only!

Install Mac OS X Lion In VMware Download by martevolbe - Issuu

Enough for your project? This issue is not related to the use of virtual machines, but with the previous configuration Captivate on the Host, apps to capture on the Guest it was easy to avoid the Captivate Dock icon being Captured. The Dock icon was present on the Host system, but the Guest system was shot! I found no solution to this issue so far, and the Captivate dock icon appears in my final projects! Now, my real problem with this configuration is related to the narration I record during the shooting.

When recording the narration, it means that the stream of audio data needs to go through the virtualization software layer to make its way to its final destination. It appears that this extra layer is not reliable enough and causes cracks and saturation into the sound, which is completely inaudible! There are so many benefits on using a virtual machine that I decided to use such configuration despite the problems that it causes. For my current project, I decided to go on with the second configuration Captivate on the virtual machine.

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Thanks to this configuration, the mouse is correctly captured and I do not have to spend hours re-aligning mouse items and click boxes! I decided that this advantage is well worth the trade off of having the dock icon of Captivate captured! The following screenshot shows Captivate in the guest system and Adobe Audition on the Host, both ready to record a new Video Demo.

Using Captivate along with a virtualization solution offers many great benefits. You can better manage the resolution of your projects, you can shoot multiple operating systems on a single machine, you can capture a localize version of a piece of software and you can fine-tune the configuration of the computer you want to capture.

None of these two solutions are perfect!

Using the first one, the mouse is not well captured and the automatic recording modes do not work well. Using the second solution, you cannot hide the Captivate dock icon on the Mac and you have a hard time getting the right sound! Despite these difficulties, I stick with my virtualization solution and I wish that Adobe comes up with some new features to make Captivate Virtualization friendly!

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That would be awesome Adobe Do you have the same issues with Parallel Desktop? Do you have similar problems on Windows? My experience with Captivate 6 and vmWare Fusion 5. Share This Post Tweet.