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Sometimes, you need more power or a bigger screen than even the highest-end MacBook Pro can provide. Choosing between an iMac and a laptop sounds difficult, but with some thought and research, you can easily figure out which Apple computer is right for you.

Read on to check out the choices you have in iMacs, laptops from Apple, and other desktop options. Before you narrow down your choices, you need to know what those choices are. For other Macs, you can purchase an external drive. Apple currently offers three kinds of desktops: You may also want to eliminate the entry-level iMac, which internally is much the same as the Mac mini. If you ignore the entry-level iMac, as Casserly recommends, the remaining options have some components in common.

As you move up in price, you get more powerful graphical capabilities. The iMac is an elegant all-in-one, and the inch model is perfect for professional-level tasks.

How should you pick between an iMac and a laptop?

The cylindrical Mac Pro comes in two standard configurations. But the Mac Pro is a great choice for users who work with demanding 3D graphic rendering software or create and edit effects-heavy video thanks to its raw power. Apple generally gives you the most bang for your buck in its desktop range when it comes to the processor.

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Conversely, if you need a computer that will enable you to travel or even just move around the office, then a laptop is more likely to be the right fit for you. But Macs don't suit everyone, especially when it comes to the price tag and people who need extra power and customization. Check out 10 reasons why you should consider a Windows PC over a Mac, then check out the 10 reasons why you should buy a Mac instead of a Windows PC to see which one fits your bill: The same thing goes for laptops too.

Apple is the only company that makes its own Mac computers, and you have fewer choices when it comes to designs and specs. Having fewer options can make it easier to pick a computer, but it doesn't always suit someone with more advanced requirements. You don't get much choice when it comes to the processor and RAM with Macs, for example, which dictates how much power the computer has and how smoothly it'll run.

PC or Mac? Which is best for me?

Also, Macs are often marketed as machines perfectly suited for professionals, such as photo and video editors, but you can buy Windows PCs that are far better suited for those types of professionals than any Mac. Apple computers are less customizable than many Windows PCs and laptops.

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For many, the original hardware inside their Apple computers will work fine, and most probably don't want to tinker around with upgrading parts. But anyone who does want to tinker around will have limited options with Macs.

MacBook Pro

Plus, you can build your own PC with exactly the parts you want. It's surprisingly easy, not to mention satisfying. You can build your own "Hackintosh" computer, but you're limited in what parts you can use, and macOS is a pain to update and maintain on computers that aren't made by Apple. Anyone who wants to play video games on a computer should buy a Windows PC, hands down.

Only a fraction of the games available can be played on Macs, and anyone seeking high-end graphics won't find them on Macs because they lack the power.

If you lose it, you have to buy a new one, and it's an annoying extra cost. To be fair, USB-C is the evolution of connecting everything to your computers. USB-C plugs and ports support the so-called ThunderBolt 3 standard, which can be used for charging your laptop as well as hooking it up to a monitor and other accessories all in a single port instead of needing to plug your devices into multiple ports.

And it transfers data a lot faster than previous USB and Thunderbolt versions too. The problem with the MacBook is that it might not have enough power. And the problem with the MacBook Air is that it runs on specs.