Microsoft powerpoint freezes on mac

Tutorial on how to adjust so the sound file plays continuously: Powerpoint, both on a PC and on a Mac, when clicking on a link to a larger file avi, wmv, mov, mp3, etc , seemingly freezes. While this test is happening, Powerpoint stops all other actions so you can't advance slides, etc. On a slowe er internet connection or when accessing a file at a slower website, this can make it seem like it's frozen. It does eventually open the linked file. There appears to be nothing we can do to ammend this.

A workaround is to save the files that you'd like to link to on the computer, and link to them from the computer.

Check to make the sure has a. Do not edit the presentation when Adobe Captivate updates the project, else the changes are lost. Let Adobe Captivate update the project and then modify the presentation.

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To learn more about Captivate and how you can create engaging learning content, download the following projects:. Import and edit PowerPoint presentations in Captivate Search. Captivate User Guide. Select an article: Applies to: PowerPoint tips. Follow these guidelines when you work with Adobe Captivate and PowerPoint: Do not close or use PowerPoint launched by Adobe Captivate during import or round-tripping.

Launch both Adobe Captivate and PowerPoint in the same mode, that is either both in Administrator mode or both in non-Administrator mode. It is recommended that you launch both in Administrator mode. Avoid parallel edits. For example, suppose that you edit a linked PowerPoint file within Adobe Captivate and the source file in Microsoft PowerPoint simultaneously.

In such cases, the results are unpredictable. The edited file can then be updated in Adobe Captivate. If you have installed any interactive PowerPoint plug-ins, ensure that you launch Microsoft PowerPoint before you open the presentation in Adobe Captivate for editing. Avoid linking to PowerPoint files over the network on a shared network drive. The results are unpredictable if you lose connectivity while working with the shared file.

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  7. What to do if PowerPoint stops responding in Mac (spinning wheel)!
  8. Ensure that the size of the slides in both Captivate and PowerPoint are properly aligned. If you have imported an audio file in PowerPoint slides, make sure that the audio file you are importing is in the same location as the PPT file. Reduce the Captivate file size by compacting the PowerPoint file. Import PowerPoint presentations into Adobe Captivate. Navigate to and select the PowerPoint presentation file format that you want to import. Click Open. Click OK. In the Convert PowerPoint Presentations dialog box, do the following: Select the PowerPoint slides to convert to Adobe Captivate project slides.

    Set navigation preferences for the selected slides. Import PowerPoint dialog. Import PowerPoint presentations in a responsive project. PowerPoint to mobile learning. On the Import dialog, click OK. Create Adobe Captivate projects from PowerPoint presentations. Enter the name of the project. Insert Adobe Captivate projects into PowerPoint presentations. Create and edit the project in Adobe Captivate. Publish the project as a SWF file.

    Note the location of the saved SWF file. Open the PowerPoint presentation to which you want to add the Adobe Captivate project. Add the Developer menu in PowerPoint, if not already added. In the PowerPoint Options dialog, select Customize Ribbon in the left pane, and enable the Developer check-box, as shown below: PowerPoint options dialog.

    Install the latest updates

    In the Developer menu, in the Controls toolbox, choose More Controls, as shown below: More Controls. From the list of objects, select Shockwave Flash Object. Drag diagonally to create a box for the project. In the Properties dialog, choose the property Movie. Properties dialog. In the Properties dialog box opened in step 9 , set the following properties: Movie properties.

    Import and edit PowerPoint presentations in Captivate

    When you finish setting options, close the Properties dialog box. Test the project.

    How to fix Microsoft Office 2013/2016 for Mac has encountered a problem and need to close.

    Edit imported PowerPoint slides within Adobe Captivate. Import the PowerPoint presentation into your project. Open the slides and then navigate to a slide imported from PowerPoint. Edit Slide.

    What to do if PowerPoint stops responding in Mac (spinning wheel)

    Edit Presentation. Find Presentation In Library. Export Animation. After you complete editing, click Save PPT.

    Import PowerPoint presentations into Adobe Captivate

    The Adobe Captivate editing environment appears. Save the project. Update PowerPoint presentation changes made outside Adobe Captivate. Select Update.

    Using Presenter View in PowerPoint for PC and Mac

    Change link type after importing the presentation. Do one of the following: Select Change To Embedded to embed the linked file into your project. Change the link to the presentation after importing.