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No thanks Submit review. Nein danke. If you're still complaining about not being able to use a cd, wake up the world is going digital you'll have to cope. Whilst you can import iTunes playlists into Spotify, it doesn't work the other way.

Musik mit iTunes auf den iPod/ iPhone ziehen

It's more like a copy of your playlists, rather than something that can be added to within Spotify for use in iTunes. And to burn tracks onto a CD you'd need to purchase them using the Download store, in Europe, for instance.


Tracks just synced from Spotify can't be put onto a CD or else it would be possible to burn thousands of songs then cancel the subscription. But I have spotify premium.

What's the point of paying a monthly subscription if I have to purchase the tracks. I thought spotify was take your music everywhere. What about if everywhere is in your car for work. So what's the point of paying a monthly subscription. Plus you still have to deal with your monthly quota usage. To clarify, there aren't any usage limits with a paid account, you can listen as much as you like.

Musik von YouTube in iTunes laden

And you can sync up to 3, songs to any supported mobile device without having to pay anything extra. It's just when burning to a CD that you'd need to purchase the tracks. Since we couldn't verify your subscription was still active when the tracks get burnt to a CD we wouldn't be able to unsync them if you stopped paying. We also wouldn't know how many times each track was played and be able to compensate the artists appropriately. So Telstra aren't going to add data usage when I stream songs from spotify to my Android phone.

Solved: Burn To CD - The Spotify Community

So are you saying that it is unmetered through Telstra? But Premium users don't need to stream all their music.

I think what Rich is trying to explain is if your device Phone, Tablet, Laptop, etc has WIFI availability you can download your playlist and play it offline without using any mobile data. I was at the airport the other day and was able to download a couple new albums as playlists using the airport WIFI and by the time I boarded the plane I had all my songs on the device so I could shut down the 3g and WIFI.

Worked great. How do I burn tracks to a CD? They are for my five-tear-old nephew to play in the car he doesn't have a smartphone! Spotify says you can burn a CD if you have purchsed the tracks - but I can't find out how to do it.

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Every query I've looked up just ends up turning up lots of forum posts explaining that you can't do it unless you purchase the tracks. I've done that - now what? Just download your Spotify purchases to your desktop and burn the CD using an alternative program. By using our website you agree to our use of cookies in accordance with our cookie policy. Learn more here. Burn To CD Solved! Go to solution.

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