My mac email account disappeared

This is true in both Mail and Internet Accounts. When I open Mail, I'm provided with the option to create an account. Likewise in Internet Accounts. I'm concerned that if I re-establish these accounts, I may not receive all my emails and will have to re-create all the sub folders I had within the accounts.

Mac - Disappearing Desktop Icons and Files

Jul 19, AM. For security reason , just take back of all mails in V4 folder an old thread : Mail. Need to backup before reinstalling. Add accounts , even they are from different service providers the mails are stored on servers , follow this article : Mail for Mac: Set up Mail with your email accounts. Communities Contact Support. Sign in Sign in Sign in corporate.

macos - Recovering OS X Mail Accounts Lost in Crash - Super User

First Through iCloud. You can follow these simple steps to recover your lost data:. Almost all users are familiar with the use of Finder in macOS. You can check it through the following steps:.

Mac Mail account has disappeared

It will automatically organize your files on the Desktop so that your desktop is free of clutter. You can go and find the folder in which your files have been grouped inside and recover them as follows:.

If you're unable to recover your disappeared files on Mac by using any of the above methods, the last option is to use a specialized data recovery software for Mac. Updated on November 4, Read Article. The following are some of the reasons: Reasons for Disappearance of Files on Mac! Follow next; Hidden Files on Macintosh HD Many times, unintentional settings can cause your crucial files to become hidden.

Why Mac Mail Message Content Disappears?

Accidentally Deleted Files The biggest reason behind the sudden disappearance of Mac files is their accidental deletion. Click Options. But a search only returned very recent emails matching the query, whereas for the very same query in Spotlight showed matches which spanned over the entire history. Second issue was, that almost all my marked emails were gone from previously to only 1 remained. The method fixed both the limited search scope and the lost marks.

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I had a disk crash on my old Mini running Mavericks, thankfully with TimeMachine doing its job as faithfully as always , so I bought a new one, preinstalled with Yosemite. This was truly strange, as all mbox files were in place and were very large about 3GB in total; I never throw anything away…. Rebuild did nothing.

Method 1. Restore Mail with data recovery software if no backup is available

Then I stumbled on your tip above, and noted that you said that this would force a re-import. But your suggestion did trigger the re-import, and everything is now exactly as it should be. Huge thanks, I was a bit worried there for a while!

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  • Method 2. Restore email account through setting preferences.
  • Ulf O, Mac user since You are a saviour! Delete the Envelope Index files in the Mail folder. Problems With Message Content As already mentioned, message content is indexed and searched completely independently from headers. Follow each of the steps below until your issue is resolved.

    Open Spotlight and check the Privacy tab.