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How to disable iMessage on your computer

You can turn off and disable message notification sound for a specific contact in Mac too. Now select the conversation for which you want to disable and turn off message sounds notifications.

How to Turn Off iMessage Notifications on MacBook Pro/Air

This would disable all the notifications, sounds, alerts from this specific conversation. You will still get the little visual message pop-up red notification in the first method.

Top 3 Methods to Turn off iMessage on Mac

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Over million people actively use Outlook every month.

How To: Turn Off Receiving iMessages on Your Mac

If you are an Outlook user, you know the importance of…. However, despite trying our very best, there is just….

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How to Prevent URL Link Previews in Messages for iOS and Mac OS

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Comments are closed. Instructions in this article apply to devices running iOS 12 and iOS To change the lock screen settings so that message previews are enabled but text notifications do not show up on the lock screen:.

The blue icon changes to white to indicate that it's disabled. In iOS 11, tap the button next to it so that its color changes from green to white.

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You can also prevent texts from showing up as banner notifications in the Notification Center. However, if preventing bystanders from seeing messages is your primary concern, stop alerts from displaying while your phone is locked. To disable message previews when you want to see lock screen notifications for new texts but you want the message content hidden:.

If you want to see message previews only when using your phone when the passcode has been entered , choose When Unlocked to get text previews when the phone is unlocked. Share Pin Email. Scott Orgera has been a tech journalist since Open the Settings app.