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As a 5GHz-only option, the T1U omits the 2.

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The antennas are independently adjustable, so you can fidget with each one to effectively increase range in your house or workplace. It is capable of providing speeds of up to Mbps on the Featuring foldable, external antennas to provide enhanced reception for laptops when open and easy transportation and portability when closed , the Asus offers outstanding range and speed.

Utilizing powerful 3x4 MIMO multiple in, multiple out antenna technologies, the dual three-position external antennas pair with an internal antenna for long range connectivity. Working off both the 2. To get hooked up, just plug it into a USB 3. The desktop cradle allows for easy positioning in and around the computer to find the best signal position whereas USB-only options limit reach.

Featuring speeds up to Mbps on the With support for any The Linksys works with all Windows platforms, including Windows 7, Window 8 and Windows 10 for maximum use cases both in the home and office. Beyond gaming, the Mbps max speed is perfect for Netflix or Hulu HD video streaming, which makes it an ideal choice for the whole family. The device offers fantastic speed capabilities including a Mbps connection speed running 3x faster than similarly priced Wireless N adapters. It's capable of working on the 5GHz band for a Mbps max connection speed Mbps on 2. Measuring just 22mm in length, the Glam Hobby is an excellent and smart way to add a 5GHz connection to a laptop or desk in a small package and at a budget-friendly price tag.

All the units I've found say that they support Windows systems only.

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Since, though, the Apple TV is still going to be on the slower wireless, getting an adapter for your Mac wouldn't help streaming between the Mac and the Apple TV. You may need to connect one or both devices to your AirPort via Ethernet if the current wireless isn't sufficient for you. If you're experiencing problems, you may want to investigate your wireless network. The guy in the Apple store said that there was a Mac-compatible Jun 20, 1: Jul 10, 1: That means it can only transfer at mbps top speed.

This adaptor will not provide the benifit in which he seeks given Apple's implementation of Here are some of the things you'll want to look for in an adaptor:. Jul 10, 6: Save your money. Jul 10, 2: The apple tv portion of this question is a red herring. Nick, what is the actual problem you're trying to solve? Are you getting jitter or latency on your network?

Throughput and latency are totally different problems. I think the thing we're suffering here from is someone who is trying to answer questions about their perceived answer to their problem rather then dealing with the problem itself. Jul 12, 7: Sounds like you know quite a bit more about it than I do.

I purchased the dLink version with the mac driver it has its own connection software that lets you turn on the device and control some of its setting.

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According to it, I'm getting Mbps. That is almost two times faster than the mbps that you say I'll be limited to. I need the speed when accessing local files on drives connected to our router. Jul 12, 8: Jul 12, Basically, if you are looking at the terminals on the card with the antenna terminals facing up - the second one from the right is the bluetooth antenna connection. This was a quite a bit cheaper solution for me than macvidcards or osxwifi from earlier reports below and everything works perfectly running OS X This was quite an improvement from the old card in terms of speed and range.

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Cheers, Francisco" Thanks Francisco. Install was straightforward although snapping in the antenna wires was frustrating due to the tight space and the teeny tiny connectors. You will need to buy an extra antenna that will end up taped to the Mac Pro's chassis but this is made quite clear in the item description at osxwifi.

This item? That USB cable is shown in the Combo Card works flawlessly in my Mac Pro with the unofficial 5,1 firmware. OEM card from iMac?

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The screenshots you sent didn't make it through. Drivers for Belkin F9L Ver. Updated with info he used the OS X Figured I couldn't go wrong at that price even if they never ended up working. They were labeled as Windows only. Knowing that most of these adapters are just the same thing in a different shell, I figured I'd start with the Amped Wireless driver for the ACA1 referenced on your site.

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Here's the Amped ACA1 support page that has driver downloads at bottom of page. Listing doesn't include OS X Yosemite yet but per later comments he's using the What Mac s and OS X version are you using? The drivers state they're for I figured I'd at least have to modify the device IDs or something in the driver, if I was even lucky enough for them to be the same chipset, but was very surprised to see the adapter light right up after installing the ACA1 drivers and rebooting.

So far, it has been pretty stable. Only exception is if you rip the USB dongle out when it's not ready for it - had a kernel panic. The last screenshot shows the actual negotiated speed seen from the router end of things. Screenshots sent but didn't make it through, sorry I have not done any real performance tests. A basic internet speed test maxed out my DSL line just fine though at 5. That was from across the house a few rooms away so plenty of walls and such in the way 5 Ghz , so I suspect it can do better.

I have not yet tried monitor modes, etc.

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I've come back a few times and found the device not re-connecting to the network and having to pull the adapter out and put it back in again for it to work. I have not seen another kernel crash though in doing that good.

I don't know if that's related to it being a technically unsupported OS for those drivers, or just the drivers. I don't have a Been following your site since at least when you had to hack up DVD profiles to get them to work. Great stuff. Keep it up! USB Edimax Installed and the AC now works fine under Yosemite. I have it installed on a Mac mini running OS X It is connected to the latest generation Airport Extreme at 5GHz. I ran a cable modem speed test on it and it was right at my max throughput of 60Mbps down and 4Mbps up.

Haven't tested file transfer speed between it and another Mac yet.

No problems so far, but I'm not a fan of the software. Puts an unsightly bar graph in the menu bar and I haven't found a way to hide it. The Driver update is at Edimax drivers page , 4th heading down titled " Not surprising I suppose seeing it has a folding out antennae but of course the smaller earlier version is much more discreet and less bulky. And yes I did try re-installing drivers in OS X yosemite from the CD to no avail so am waiting Im patiently for the updated Yosemite driver which I was advised is to be posted on the Edimax website in January And long may you continue with the your website - it's mandatory reading for me every morning and much appreciated.

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Edimax have listed 15 December a beta version for Yosemite Have downloaded and installed with a significant difference in performance on my Macbook Air. No obvious bugs. No sign yet of their promised updated driver for the AC unit Update released - see above but good to finally get the benefit of the AC protocol which should be the ideal match for fibre-optic broadband. His earlier report follows. Driver reinstall didn't help. Edimax support advised me that they knew this and were working on a new driver for Yosemite which was likely to come out in January Just fyi.